On the Rise: Josh and Franny

Josh and Franny met when attending college at Lordesburg Academy of Civil Engineering, where Josh and Franny obtained their degrees. Two years later they would exchange their wedding vows and start a family. They continued on with their careers beginning each work day with a specialized coffee drink in hand. In 2009, they both gave up their engineering careers to open their own coffee shop, Grind -N- Rise.
The name of their coffee shop is a double entendre to their appreciation to the morning beverage and giving up their daily grind in the engineering field and rising up to be their own bosses in a business that had always helped them through their engineering jobs. Josh and Franny have committed themselves to search for the most unique blends of coffee in order to stand out in such a competitive industry.
So come on down to the Grind -N- Rise and have a hot or cold coffee beverage to start your day.

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